Start Your Own Bluegrass Pizza

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Bluegrass Pizza and Pub is offering an excellent business opportunity for someone with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit. If you ever thought of owning your own pizza restaurant, taking advantage of a recognized industry leader, but don’t want to pay the excessive franchise fees and commissions usually associated with national chains, this opportunity is for you.

At Bluegrass Pizza and Pub, our partners sign a License Agreement, not Franchise Agreements. Unlike a Franchise Agreement, a License Agreement requires only a one time fee with purchase provisions, rather than on-going payments of profits and the usual required high cost proprietary items.

A License Agreement, simply put, allows you to reap all of the benefits of a major chain, but you keep all the profits. Bluegrass Pizza and Pub has also aligned themselves with national distributors and local food companies (including our own Thorny Meadow Farm) to assure quality ingredients at chain store volume prices.

Items you will need to get started

  • Business Plan
  • Lawyer
  • Financial Statements
  • General Contractor
  • Credit Review
  • Accountant
  • Location of 1600 square feet or more required

Bluegrass Pizza & Pub can provide:

Independent Real Estate Agent, Architect, Sub Contractors, Food Distribution Terms (Pending Credit Review), Extensive Training Program

Estimated Start-up Costs:

  • $20,000- One time license fee ($10,000 at signing & $10,000 during first year)
  • $40-45,000- Equipment: signs, tables/chairs, ovens, prep tables, cooler, etc.
  • $84-104,000- Build Out: Electrical ($18-23,000), Plumbing ($18-23,000), Mechanical ($18-23,000), Carpentry -floors, walls, counters- ($30-35,000)
  • $6,000- First Month’s Lease & Security Deposit
  • $10-12,000- Architect: plans and permits
  • $15,000- Intangibles: opening food order, office supplies, etc…
  • $15,000- Point of Sale

$190,000-217,000 Total Estimated Cost*

*Fees and costs will Flux 15% to 20% depending on existing location, lease hold improvement, lease hold build out, contractors, County requirements, equipment requirements, etc.

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