Beer Drafts and Reserve Bottles

Bell’s “Lager of the Lakes” (MI)- $6.50 Light and refreshing, this is the lightest beer we have on tap.

Bell’s Oberon (MI)- $6.50 5.8% a.b.v. B.A. 86

West 6th Amber Ale (Lex)- $6.00 6.4% a.b.v.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Cali)- $6.00 5.6% a.b.v. B.A. 91/Central State Belgian Pale Ale (IN)- $6.50 5.5 % a.b.v.

Founder’s “Mosaic Promise Pale Ale (MI)-6.50 5.5% a.b.v. B.A. Stillwater “As Follows” Belgian Golden Ale (MD)- $8.50 9% a.b.v. B.A. 91. Outstanding hoppy golden ale from one of the premier American Belgian style breweries.

Avery I.P.A. (Brahlorado)- $6.50 6.5% a.b.v. B.A. 87. Outstanding hoppy ale from one of the premier Colorado breweries.

West 6th “Heller Heaven” I.P.A. (LEX)- $8.00 9% a.b.v. B.A. 88/Rhinegeist Exp. IPA #4 $8.00 13 oz. 8.5% a.b.v. B.A.?

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout (Brahlorado) $6.50 6% a.b.v. B.A. 91. Another classic Colorado Front Range beer.

Country Boy “Sinkhole” Imperial Stout (NY)- $9.00  12.5% a.b.v. Limit two (2) per visit./Prairie Bomb! (OK)-$4 (4 oz)/$12 (13 oz) Imperial Stout w/ Espresso Beans, Vanilla, Cacao and Chile. 13% a.b.v. B.A. 99. #69/250 beers in the world. Incredibly rare on draft. World class beer! (limit 2) No Samples!

**Beers with a preceding “/” are waiting in the wings and are next up. Flights (choose 4) and Pitchers ($22+) are available. B.A. (Beer Advocate) A.B.V. (Alcohol by Volume). Samples cost $.25 (limit 2); some beers are not available to sample.**

Reserve Bottles as of 04/20/16

We work hard to procure these beers, and they are difficult to find anywhere in Kentucky.

  1. Tin Man Brewing “Overlord” Imperial I.P.A.- $7.00 16 oz. can 9.0% a.b.v., B.A. 92 22 oz.
  1. Boulevard Brewing “The Calling” Imperial I.P.A. (MO) $7.50 8.5% a.b.v. B.A. 91
  1. Kerkom Reuss Lambic Blend Sour Ale (Belgium)- Blend of 80% Blonde Ale and 20% spontaneously fermented sour young Lambic Ale from a brewery founded in 1878. Golden pale in color, smells of apples and lemon zest. This style more accurately defines the expression “Champagne of Beers”. 750 ml $18.00 5.8% a.b.v., B.A. 87
  1. Boulevard Brewing “Tell Tale Tart” Wild Ale (MO)- $6.00 12 oz 6.5% a.b.v. B.A. 85
  1. The Bruery “Hummulus Terreux” Wild Ale (CA)- $25.00 25 oz 6.3% a.b.v. B.A. 87. Very underrated beer, this stuff is incredible. Light, dry, and refreshing.
  1. The Bruery “Tart of Darkness” Sour Stout $27.00 25 oz. 7.2% a.b.v. B.A. 94
  1. Avery “Tweak” Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout. $22 12 oz. bottle. 17.8% a.b.v. B.A. 97 Limit one (1) per visit. #161 out of the top 250 beers in the world!